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We facilitate the design thinking process to produce a strategic plan that addresses your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals.


We apply your strategy to design tools such as programs, initiatives, content, and curriculum, to meet organizational goals.


We develop compelling thought leadership to amplify your impact and inspire more leaders to be changemakers in their industries.

Our LISTEN, LEARN, ADVOCATE, BUILD framework is inspired by empathy, intersectionality, and design thinking principles. It lights a path for imagining healthier, more sustainable communities.


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"I have participated in design thinking workshops led by Stef and Shayna of SAM. I have hired them for high profile and complicated consulting projects for the career programs I manage. This team is incredibly savvy across industries and has the highest EQ in leading sessions with stakeholders, from high school students to a Board of Trustees. They are true listeners with a sense of calm, results-oriented, and all-around fun people to tackle problems and develop solutions with. The tools they taught me are ones I now use on an ongoing basis in both my professional and personal life."

Rebecca Ervey |  Director of Professional Advancement, Prep for Prep

Columbia Buisness School

"I had the honor to collaborate with SAM to create and implement an entrepreneurship education program designed to support underserved community members. Throughout our engagement, Stef demonstrated a consistent, strategic vision providing an opportunity for community members to innovate and launch new businesses. In addition, her inclusive leadership and project management skills proved invaluable to the sustainability and growth of the program."

Dr. Jack McGourty |  Founder of Venture for All® and Columbia Business School Professor


Our Entrepreneurial Design for Social Impact series is a facilitated curriculum to operationalize equitable practices in your organization.



We work with you to design a strategic plan that addresses your organization’s goals including but not limited to, DEI, ESG, CSR and
storytelling objectives.


We develop compelling stories to amplify the impact your strategy and tools have made, and inspire other organizations to make a difference.


We use your strategy to design tools including, but not limited to processes, programs, initiatives, content and education, to meet organizational goals.



Present times call us to imagine new ways of living, working, and collaborating, in relationship to our communities and our environment. In this workshop, you will identify problems you want to solve (internal or external to your organization) and a path to building solutions that are rooted in empathy.



If you want to drive social change in your organization, but don’t know where to start, this workshop is for you. Together, we will map the business unit operations, identify opportunities to build more equitable systems and processes, and brainstorm solutions for long-term impact.



Stories offer a blueprint for inspiring, imagining, and implementing more equitable and caring systems. In this workshop, you will learn the power and principles of compelling storytelling. You will also identify opportunities to build a storytelling practice within your organization.

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